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We would like to inform you that Université de Lorraine joined the network Housing Anywhere is an international housing platform where outgoing students can rent out their rooms to incoming students.

Direction des Relations Internationales et Européennes

Sous-direction Mobilité Internationale

Université de Lorraine 

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Madrid & Valencia

My name is Andrés Osca (, CEO and founder of Wannaroom, an accommodation service company in Spain.

We are not an online platform, our staff has checked every single room personally and we also offer pick up from airport services, assist with the public transport, help with the acquisition of bicycles, cleaning service, guarantee the deposit return, and a wide variety of services adapted top the requirements of each student and institution.

We can provide you with further information by your request, please do not hesitate to ask.

You can find more information at following links: 

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H&M Real Estate© is an agency based in Thessaloniki - Greece, specializing in short-term or long-term accommodation for foreign students/professors. 

We manage more than 30 apartments, fully furnished and all located in the city centre, within walking distance to the university of AuTH / UoM and most colleges as well. 
Up until now we have offered our services to more than 300 international students, providing accommodation and general services, including formal or technical issues as well.

Our agency offers decent accommodation, contracts in English and general services for anything that students may need during their stay here in Thessaloniki. 
Upon request, we can send you sample photos of the apartments, the form of a typical contract, as well as any other necessary details. 


H&M Real Estate

Olimpou 123, Thessaloniki, Greece

Tel: +302313012212

Mobile: +306986996996

Fax: +302313012212



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